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Tourist in Billund - English Info Page - Varming IT

Welcome to Varming IT – a local IT support technician in Billund.

This page is ment as information to those guests to the page that do not understand or read Danish.
Varming IT is not a shop with open hours but driven from my private address in Billund.
That said, pick up of goods are always possible when agreed upon.

Tourists in Billund

You know the situation – you have just arrived at your holiday destination and forgot the charger to your laptop or phone at home or maybe you forgot to put the SD Card into your camera.

Fear not – as Varming IT have a lot of well assorted suppliers with day to day delivery of goods. Payment can be in Euros or with VISA/Mastercard.

Pickup at your convenience, even outside normal work hours.

Internationals in Billund

Varming IT is IT Support to both businesses and private people in and around Billund.

Some of my services includes:

  • Hardware error detection and replacement of broken components
  • Refurbished and new laptops, all with keyboard layouts of your preference.
  • Building of a new Gaming PC
  • Wifi installation and optimization
  • Security camera installation and cunfiguration

With more than 15 years of experience you’ll get competent IT support in an understandable language